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iKyte's Staff application

Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by iKyte, Jan 11, 2014.

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  1. iKyte

    iKyte New Member

    Jan 11, 2014
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    Your In-Game-Name: iKyte

    What is your age?: 13

    How long have you been playing the server?: 3-5 weeks

    Do you have skype and would you be willing to join staff discussions/calls?: yes

    Do you have a microphone?: no

    What server do you play on the most?: Prison

    Why do want to be staff?: I want to be staff because I want to basically help the server from the people who think its fair and fun to hack and destroy everything, and also help the people of the server with their regular needs with commands or how to get to places in the new Arkhamnetwork Prison 2.0 because that is what i play the most.
    I could also bring in more players because I did a video of the Prison server about two weeks ago, and it got really good ratings and views. If you want to see the video then go to YouTube, and search iKyteHD and it should be right under popular uploads. But that shouldn't make you choose me, it's what I can do to benefit the server and help everything that people need help with.
    And finally i just want to say that if you choose me then that's awesome, but if you don' then i understand, because their are a lot of people out their that are good at being staff and some people just want a free rank on the server. But it is your server, and you decide who runs it when your away.
  2. Serayne92

    Serayne92 Staff Member
    Network Owner The Joker

    Nov 28, 2013
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    Sorry, But you're not what we are looking for at this time. Good luck next time!
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